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No Candy Potty Training - LILMARC

No Candy Potty Training

Potty training can be exciting and infuriating all at the same time. Some parents have used candy to get their child to sit on the potty and again to actually use the potty. This action may lead to unintended consequences-your children could link sweet treats with toileting.

Children at times do need to be rewarded for using the potty, but using award charts are more effective for potty training children. Award charts are easy to make or are very affordable.

A child may start with a chart created just for sitting on the potty for a certain amount of time. Let’s say two minutes. If little Judy sits on the potty for two minutes, she will get a sticker. After a certain number of stickers Judy can get a small reward, like a hair barrette or stuffed animal.

The next chart should be for using the potty when they are set upon or stood in front of the potty urinal. The same reward chart idea would be applied with the child earns so many stickers they can get a small reward.

As a child progresses through their potty training, they may get stickers for staying dry all day, for getting to the potty on their own and for only using big boy or big girl underwear.

Potty training should be about teaching children independence, and empowering them to be successful big boys and big girls.

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