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Dumping the diapers - LILMARC

Dumping the diapers

So your child is growing up fast and no one could be happier than you. As a parent you simply love the fact that your child is getting bigger day by day. But with this there are some changes that you need to bring into your little one’s life. The most basic and important change is to shift your child from diapers to undies.

While for some, potty training could be an exhausting or frightening task but when done correctly it can be the most fun task to do. You can potty train your child in different manners. You can make your child realize that that it is a good habit by appreciating him afterwards, like a pat on the back, some encouraging words or treating him with his favorite snack. You can divide the task into various levels and reward them as they progresses through them.

The most important thing is to observe your child so that you can know when he needs to lighten himself. Having a training urinal is also an excellent way to help your child. Preparing him to use urinals in public restrooms and the full size urinal.
Just keep in mind to keep the task interesting and rewarding for the child. It would exponentially increase his performance and in no time he would be potty trained.

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