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Holding it too Long – A Potty Training Issue - LILMARC

Holding it too Long – A Potty Training Issue

Potty training is usually a marathon, not a sprint.   It takes patience and understanding on your part.  Some children pick it up faster than others and it’s your job to encourage your child to keep trying, even when it gets tough.

Almost all toddlers go through a phase where they “hold it” as long as they can.  This is often due to fear of going to the potty or simply because they just don’t want to stop what they are doing to take a potty break.  Holding it can lead to multiple problems including urinary tract infections (UTI) and constipation as well as bacterial infections within the bladder and kidneys.

When a toddler holds their bowel movements for too long, it becomes drier and harder.  That only results in making it harder to get out and usually results in a setback in potty training because they have a bad experience going number 2.  UTI’s are more common in girls than boys, and often occur due to lack of urination.  To avoid this, give your toddler plenty of fluids and make sure your daughter is wiping properly.

Encourage your child to avoid these problems by rewarding trips to the potty.  Rewards and positive feedback entice toddlers to use the potty frequently in order to make mom and dad happy and to get a little treat.

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