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Potty Training: Boys vs Girls - LILMARC

Potty Training: Boys vs Girls

Potty training is generally not a quick and easy task.  It takes time and effort on both the parent’s part as well as the child’s.  Finding a technique that works for your son or daughter may take some trial and error.  Techniques will certainly be different for boys and girls, but encouragement and praise are always the same.

Both sexes tend to do best when potty training with a potty chair in the beginning.  Potty chairs are fun new apparatuses they can use that help them feel like a big person.  Sitting is the best way to ensure messes are not made, and many chairs now come with lights and music that reinforce praise when the potty is used.

When potty training boys; avoiding messes will likely be your biggest challenge.  Encourage your son to aim into the toilet whether he is sitting or standing.  Using a training urinal is a great way to teach him to aim properly when standing and he will enjoy trying to hit his target and being “just like Dad”.  While he is young and learning, allowing him to watch dad and actually going to the bathroom with him is a great way to teach him how to do his business.

Girls often need different tactics when potty training.  Obviously they will always be sitting, but teaching her to position herself properly on the potty will be a huge help in avoiding messes and allowing her to relax.  As the parent, you are also responsible for teaching her to wipe or pat properly.  Remember to let her take her time while she is learning, then provide positive feedback to encourage another successful potty time.

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