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Potty Training Strategies - LILMARC

Potty Training Strategies

As a parent, you must encounter the stage of potty training.  More importantly, your child must encounter it.  He or she will be required to use the potty without help in order to begin certain life events like starting school.  So the question remains…Which strategy for potty training?

The answer is actually quite simple as you might have expected.  The best strategy is whatever works best for your child.  If he or she is a hands on learner, then sitting down and reading a book about potty training might not be the best approach, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t give it a try.  There are many methods to potty training including taking them to the bathroom every hour or so to see if they need to go.  Some parents even let their children run around the house with no bottoms on so they will instantly recognize they have to potty when the time comes.  Others simply toss the diapers and switch to underwear when they think the time is right.  That’s a great way to make your child feel grown up and encourage using the potty.

As a parent, you should try every method you can think of to potty train your child until you find the one that works well.  Potty training is not something that will happen overnight, but sticking to it, encouraging your child, and exploring different techniques will be most effective.

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