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Standing or sitting? - LILMARC

Standing or sitting?

Potty training can be a challenging adventure, especially with boys.  When your little guy is ready to swap diapers for underwear, he will most likely use a potty chair that tends to encourage sitting instead of standing.  Sitting down to pee is a good way to start and it helps prevent messes, but there will come a day when he needs to learn to stand up while handling his business.

As your little guy grows, he will be presented with a multitude of scenarios where standing up while peeing will be very important.  Public restrooms are generally pretty gross.  You don’t want him touching anything if possible.  The ability to stand up and pee is going to save a lot of unwanted touching of surfaces and allow him to avoid those nasty germs and whatever else may be lurking in a public restroom.  Dads can be a huge help in this area.  Boys love doing whatever dad does, and peeing is no different.  Your son will watch you stand up at the toilet and want to do it as well.  He will also most likely want to use the restroom at the same time as you while he is learning.  Use this time in his life to teach him about this part of growing up and being a big boy, and don’t forget to praise him when he does well.

Standing up while using the restroom is certain to cause a few messes in the early stages.  Try enticing your son to make bubbles in the water, or place a waterproof sticker in the toilet or trainer where you want him to aim to avoid those messes.  Proper aiming will make life easier for the person who is ultimately responsible for cleaning and mopping the toilet area.

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